Cheshire Mediation

Adriana ElliotAdriana Elliot Family Mediator
Certified Family Mediator, Director
PO Box 340, Keene, NH 03431
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Cheshire Mediation LLC provides private dispute resolution services to families, businesses, and organizations.  In family matters such as divorce, co-parenting, and elder decision-making, Cheshire Mediation LLC guides the process and drafts written agreements in a neutral, non-adversarial setting.  We offer meeting facilitation and communication skills training, as well as conflict management within businesses and organizations, between organizations, and between businesses and clients.

Mediation clients make informed, fair and durable agreements that are tailored to their individual needs, while minimizing the high emotional and financial costs of protracted conflict.  The mediator helps participants find the most satisfactory outcome for all concerned.  This allows participants to retain dignity, respect and self determination throughout the process, ultimately improving their ongoing relationships or choosing to part ways more amicably.In October of 2011, Cheshire Mediation LLC incorporated as a privately run entity after 15 year of operation as a non-profit program of Monadnock Family Services.  Cheshire Mediation LLC maintains its tradition of excellent service to the community, while operating as an independent small business.